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We’d like you to know we do everything possible to merit your confidence in our designs, products, and services. We work very closely and personably with each individual client to meet or exceed their needs. Whether you need cabinets for a home or office, we are your cabinetry solution. Our expertise extends to every room that cabinets are used in.

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We’ve developed quite the reputation for wood cabinets & bookshelves in and around the Dallas area. When working with Twin Oaks Custom Cabinetry, you only get quality craftsmanship and dedicated, loyal customer service.

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Custom cabinets for the Dallas area is only scratching the surface of what we can offer to Dallas for custom cabinetry needs. We specialize in:

  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Bookshelves
  • Custom Built-in Entertainment Centers
  • Custom Shelves
  • Custom Mantels
  • Custom Desks
  • Any Custom Carpentry Job you Need

Whether your need is for a residence or a business establishment, we can help. We will come out and measure your spot and give you a computerized estimate for free. Our staff is experienced, licensed, and insured. We’ll also work closely with you to ensure every step of your project is completed timely and successfully.

Looking forward to it!

In need of bathroom cabinets and in the Denton area? Contact us and let us help. We specialize in custom cabinets as well as bookshelves, built-in entertainment centers, desks, mantels, and any custom cabinetry job you require.

We’ll work closely with you to ensure you job is completed to your satisfaction. We’re very personal with all clients and have many happy customers.

If you need kitchen cabinets and you’re in the Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth area, we’d love to help you out. Whether your need is for a home or a business, custom cabinets are our speciality.

Please visit the photo gallery on our site to see our work:

Custom cabinets is our specialty. If you are in Denton or the surrounding areas, including the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, we can make some pretty snazzy cabinets for you.

Whether you need cabinets, bookshelves, built-in entertainment centers, desks, mantels, or any other custom cabinetry work, we are your solution. Whether your need is for a residence or a business, we can help.

We are very personable with our clients and work hard to ensure every step of your project is completed timely, successfully, and to your satisfaction.

For more information: http://www.twinoakscustomcabinetry.com/

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Twin Oaks Custom Cabinetry is based in Denton, TX and specializes in wood cabinets and bookshelves. We have expertise in all custom cabinetry work including kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, bookshelves, built-in entertainment centers, mantels, desks, and more for both residental and commercial establishments.

We’d love to hear from you and be able to add you to our list of happy clients. Visit us today and let’s get started: http://www.twinoakscustomcabinetry.com/index.php